10 and Under Tennis

This program is focused on teaching the fundaments of tennis and love for the game. Students will focus on the fundaments of tennis, helping them to develop strokes that are precise and powerful. Lessons are divided into three parts. Building strength and balance with the body, developing the correct mechanics of the strokes, and fun dynamic games.

4-5pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

  • 1 Day/Week $27.5
  • 2 Days/Week $25
  • 3 Days/Week 22.5

Beginner - Intermediate

Junior Tennis

Our Junior Tenondaynis program is the best place for students looking to take their game past the basics. This program is focused on competitive match play and high-intensity drilling. All students will take the fundamentals of tennis and build upon them to create a tennis game that is good enough to play and win tournaments.


Monday - Friday 4-5:30pm

  • 1 Day/Week $37.5
  • 2 Days/Week $32.5
  • 3 Days/Week $30.5
  • 4 Days/Week $475 Per Month
  • 5 Days/Week $525 Per Month


Monday- Friday 4-6pm

  • 1 Day/Week $42.5
  • 2 Days/Week $37.5
  • 3 Days/Week $35.5
  • 4 Days/Week $495 Per Month
  • 5 Days/Week $545 Per Month



Tournament Level


Our Tournament Level Program is designed for tournament level juniors, ages 11 – 17. Players are excepted to have a well-rounded tennis game, with moderate pace on their shots, and average serves. Special attention is given to developing balance and power through the use of dynamic fitness. There is an emphasis on plyometric exercises for explosive power and speed. This program runs 5-7pm Monday through Friday and players are required to attend a minimum of three times per week.

  • 3 Days/Week $415 per month
  • 4 Days/Week $515 per month
  • 5 Days/Week $595 per month

Tournament Level

High Performance


  • 4-5 Days/Week $910/Month